This is an unofficial Irrlicht 3D engine 1.7.1 for multilingual.

IME window only be used IrrTTIME window when IrrlichtML is used

Added functions are follow.

  1. TrueType font (FreeType2)
  2. Input Method (IME, XIM) in CGUIEditBox
  3. Multilingual file names on CGUIFileOpenDialog (nearly merged officially)
  4. Copy & paste Multilingual sentences by way of the clipboard
  5. Inupt method window is displayed at an appropriate position
MultiByte Language support pack for Irrlicht 0.9
New Input Method for i18n


  1. IrrlichtML 1.7.1 Unicode (Updated 06.Jul.2010)
  2. IrrlichtML 1.5.1 to IrrlichtML 1.7 (Skipped)
  3. IrrlichtML 1.5 / Release-FastFPU error fixed patch
  4. IrrlichtML 1.4.2
  5. IrrlichtML 1.4.1
  6. IrrlichtML 1.4
  7. IrrIM Test 2007.11.21a (1.4beta new test)
  8. IrrlichtML 1.3.1
  9. IrrlichtML 1.3
  10. IrrlichtML 1.2

How to build

  1. The FreeType2 library is necessary for building this patch. Get the latest source from the FreeType2 official site.
  2. Build FreeType2 lib. For Visual Stusio 2005 - 2010, see below.
    • Document : ./freetype-2.3.12/builds/win32/visualc/index.html
    • Project file : ./freetype-2.3.12/builds/win32/visualc/freetype.sln
    • Lib files : ./freetype-2.3.12/objs/
  3. Overwrite files in /irrlicht-1.7.1 to an official folder. On the other way, if you are code guru, use GNU pathes from 1 sequentially.
  4. O.K. Let's build. That's all!


The Irrlicht Multilingual license conforms to Irrlicht(like zlib/libpng) and FreeType2 license(FTL).


Many many contributors provided codes to this project. Thank you all.