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First of all let me thank to those of you who posted here or sent me letters of support and stories of trueSpace, I was very touched by those e-mails and posts, it is a privilege to be given the opportunity and make a difference in lives of so many people. In that spirit I have a few positive news:

I am pleased to announce that trueSpace web site will stay live for at least 5 more months, albeit with less support and no new content other than new items on forums. You still will be able to download products of course.

We are also releasing trueSpace7.61 patch which includes many months of bug fixes and some new features in Link Editor and other places. Enjoy it!

Beyond that I am looking forward to dialogue in trueSpace comunity. I personally feel that best days for 3D authoring and collaboration are yet to come and there are many ways in which trueSpace team members and trueSpace users can participate in this exciting future, current difficult economic conditions nothwithstanding.